Free iTunes Codes - Free iTunes Card Codes

Wow… I just received a iTunes Card Code and it redeemed just fine! If you want one go to

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My dick has never been so soft



omfg the sound that just came out of my mouth I cant


On a scale from 1 to Niall Horan how carroty have you become

I seem to have a disorder where no matter what people say I always hear a food reference. My friend said something like, ‘This is a really nice car,’ and I was like, ‘Did you say birthday cake?’ It sounded nothing like birthday cake but that’s what I heard. Actually, I wouldn’t mind some birthday cake. Or a slice of pizza, for that matter.” - Jennifer Lawrence


my seat for my take me home tour date is niall’s face

youre as hot as a dish out of the microwave but your hearts as cold in the food inside it

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